Summer Blue Hoop Earring tutorial

2 pieces 30mm beading hoop
38 pieces 3-4mm rondelle beads
1 feet 24 gauge wire
4 feet 26 gauge wire

Step 1. Cut 6 inches of 24 gauge wire and make a spiral on the end.

Step 2. Use the 26 gauge wire, wrap the 24 gauge wire to the beading hoop.  Wrap 5  times.

Step 3. Leave the 24 gauge out, wrap the 26 gauge wire around the beading hoop and wrap 10 times.

Step 4. Add 3 rondelle beads to 24 gauge wire. Use 26 gauge wire wrap the 24 gauge wire together with the beading hoop.

Step 5a. Use 26 gauge wire wrap 3 times.
5b. Use 26 gauge (leave the 24 gauge wire out), wrap the beading hoop 10 times.
5c. Add 3 beads to the 24 gauge wire and repeat the process.

Step 6. Repeat the process 6 times. Make the last wrap 5 times.

Step 7. For the 24 gauge wire, leave 15mm (1.5cm), trim away the rest.

8. Curl the 24 gauge wire into a spiral until it touches the 26 gauge wire.
Trim away the excess 26 gauge wire. Then you are done. Now you need to make the other one to have a pair.

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