Wire Wrapped Gem Stone Hoop Earring

45mm beading hoop- 2 pcs
3mm gem stone - 80 pcs
28 gauge wire- 6 feet

Wire cutter

Step 1. Cut 3 feet of the 28 gauge wire, and use it to string 40 pieces of the gem stone in the the pattern you want.
Tip: twist a small loop on one end of the wire so the beads don't come loose.

Step 2. Using the 28 gauge (NOT the side with the twisted loop), start wire wrapping the beading hoop (start on the side with the loop), wrap 10 times.

Step 3. Bring the 1st bead down, hold it into position, then wrap 3 times. Bring the 2nd bead down, hold the bead into the same position as the 1st bead, then wrap 3 times. Repeat the same process until you wrap all 40 pieces.

Step 4. Leave approx. 3/4 in. on the end, trim away the excess wire.




Date 12/9/2011 12:41:00 PM

This is very nice! The instructions are very clear, too!


Date 5/4/2013

Absolutley stunning! Can't wait to make my own!


Date 8/6/2014

The hoops look very beautiful; i am going to make ones, so i let you know. nj

Thomas Francis Jones

Date 9/11/2014

What a very chic design, simple in appearance yet intricate in design. Just the basic premise sends my imagination into a whirl!

Stephanie Lee

Date 10/21/2014

Do you offer lessons for stamping metal or wire wrap? I would be interested in a private lesson. I have shopped in your store a few times and bought a stamping block from you (I have twin girls). Thanks, Stephanie 5107171658

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