Wire Protectors
Wire Protectors (aka Wire Guardians, Wire Thimbles, and Cable Thimbles)  guard your stringing material from the everyday wear and tear caused by the ring on the clasps or connectors. Not to mention your jewelry piece will last much longer, it also gives it a beautiful professional finished look.

How to use a Wire Protector
Step 1. String the wire through the wire  protector bead hole.

Step 2. Connect the wire protector with the ring on the clasp.

Step 3. Pull the wire until it is snuggle with the wire protector.

How to choose which size for your project.
We carry 3 different size, Small, Medium and Large. The following chart show the size measurement and what gauge of wire the hole will fit through. Choose by the thickness of the stringing material that you are using. If not sure, go for the medium size.

Wire Guardian Size Comparison


Sharon Richardson

Date 12/19/2016

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