How to make bezel stone bangle bracelet.

- Wire (20 gauge or 18 gauge wire, half hard ( 20 Gauge Gold, 20 Gauge Silver, 18 Gauge Gold, 18 Gauge Silver )
- Bezel stone connector, any size.
- Wire Rounder
- Round Nose Pliers
- Chain Nose Pliers
- Hammer
- Steel Bench Block

1. Cut the wire to the length that you want.

2. Hammer flat about 10mm on both end of the wire.

3. Use a wire rounder tool, smooth away rough edge.

4. Use a round nose pliers, round both end of the wire to a hook.

5. Use a wine bottle, cup, or anything that is cylinder round that you can use to form the bangle shape.

 6. Connect the 2 end with the bezel connector.

7. Use a chain nose pliers, close the the hook to hold the bezel in place.

8. All done... Have fun....



Date 1/3/2015

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